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You Can Still Join Us At The Blaze Virtual Summit | Winter 2022!

If you haven't joined any of our summit sessions yet, you can still sign up today to join the sessions happening right now and the final ones happening tomorrow!

The sessions that have been held between Monday and Wednesday have been so powerful with interesting topics covered by our lineup of incredible speakers such as:

  • From Pain to Purpose with Dr. Tanisha King

  • Protecting Black Bodies in Healthcare with Candace Dru

  • Overcoming Obstacles & Persevering with Ashequka Lacey

  • The Power of Low Code / No Code" with Marie Smith

  • How To Use Delusion to Create an Empowered Life with Alechia Reese

and many more!

Here's the lineup for today and tomorrow!

Come de-stress and decompress with us, sis! The community can't wait to see you there!


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