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State of Black Women-Owned
Businesses Report®

Bringing context and advocacy to the plight of Black women entrepreneurs.

Blaze Group proudly nurtures an engaged audience of +110,000 Black women entrepreneurs, and we've directly educated more than 7,500 Black women entrepreneurs through courses, international immersion programs, globally-awarded summits, and our mobile app. Through our global management consulting services, we have provided thought leadership and advisory that has closed the gender wealth gap for hundreds of women across Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda. Casey Ariel, Blaze Group Founder, is on the Advisory Boards of US and Micro Village Fund.


The State of Black Women-Owned Businesses Report®️ unpacks the key demographics and psychographics of Black women entrepreneurs in the United States. We intend to catalyze innovation across markets by transcending uncontextualized footnotes that are commonly included in notable white papers. Our 2023 findings focus on Black women's experiences, motivations, support systems, and business models in the entrepreneurial landscape.


We are on a mission to lead the globe in closing the gender and racial wealth gap for millions of Black women. We invite you to download the 2023 State of Black Women-Owned Businesses Report®️ and leverage it for innovation, policy, and institutional frameworks.

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