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Chat with B. on the Blaze Group app 24/7!

Warm wisdom for Black women entrepreneurs.

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App Store Logos.png
Tap into day-to-day support that meets you right where you are, outside of courses + webinars.

Chat with B. anytime on the Blaze Group app! There's no gatekeeping, judgment, or delay. Just relevant answers in seconds.

Blaze Group at a Glance

For four years, Black women have come to Blaze Group for life-changing support that strengthens their ability to build the lives + businesses of their dreams.


The year Blaze Group was founded

176 countries

Countries our mobile app is present in


Entrepreneurs + advocates across the globe

+$10 million

Economic impact from solutions rendered

3x Webby

Webby Awards Distinction, 2024, 2023, & 2022


Age range of 2/3 of entrepreneurial community


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Trusted Across
the Globe

Blaze Group LLC_Founder & CEO_Casey Ariel Richardson

Origin Story

Founder Casey Ariel started Blaze Group in December 2020, after spending a decade structuring multi-billion dollar loans for tech companies - but never seeing other Black women on deal teams or the receiving end of funding. She left to take her knowledge + passion to the streets.

Blaze Group is an AI-based research + intelligence firm bridging the gap between education + personalization for Black women entrepreneurs. We elevate the self-guided learning experience through natural, soul-affirming conversations with our AI Business Advisor, named B. 

Blaze Group aims to increase the sustainability of Black women-owned businesses by revolutionizing the pacing + embedded familiarity of learning. We have an engaged audience of +100k individuals across the globe. The Blaze Group app is available on Android and iOS in more than 176 countries. BLAZE means Building Leaders and Accepting Zero Excuses®️. 

Don't just start a business,
stay in the game.

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Engage with like-minded Black women entrepreneurs around the globe via community chats + direct messaging.

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Chat with B. for personalized answers to questions that are on your mind! She is patient, competent, + always there.

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A nostalgic experience created for Black women by Black women. Our app feels as safe + warm as Big Mama's house did. 

Conversations with B. are like warm hugs that soothe your mind + spirit.

App Store Logos.png
App Store Logos.png

Face Your Fears

We get it - the thought of failure is scary! That's why our app provides a wealth of knowledge, village support, + tools that you can see yourself in. You're made for this, sis. We make sure you won't forget it.

Generational Planning

You're working this hard so that your children don't have to. Chat with B., the AI Biz Advisor, to create a personalized generational wealth strategy for yourself and your family. 

Create Strategy

You can't just work in your business, you must work on it! The Blaze Group app cleanly lays out roadmaps + unlimited AI Biz Advisory that helps you to strategize your end-game plans.

Eliminate the Rush

Start healing your relationship with time with the help of our Blaze Group app. Our resources are patient, our love runs deep, and our deadlines are non-existent. Exist in a space that is void of unhealthy pacing.

Interested in a corporate partnership?

Helpful for any trailblazer, in any industry.

App Store Logos.png
App Store Logos.png
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Like You

Queen A., CA

“I would recommend the Blaze Business Intensive course to other Black women because it pushes you and helps you to manage your business like a boss."

Annika L., NC

"Blaze Group is a safe space for Black women who are at any stage of the entrepreneur journey to connect, gain inspiration, be motivated and build the necessary skills to follow their dreams."

Gina A., NY

“Love this group. I think the business model is one that so many women are searching for but don't quite know how to explain what they need. ”

“I have a huge passion for challenging the norm and making space for people who are so deserving but lack equitable opportunity. I want to eradicate the barriers that exist today in terms of access to financial capital, knowledge and mentorship.” Casey Ariel, Founder & CEO


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