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Our Mission

Blaze Group is a research + intelligence firm that partners with community-minded leaders to close the gap between education and personalization for Black women entrepreneurs. We ensure that the pace of learning is sustainable for our Black women, increasing the likelihood that Black women have the stamina, mental health, and intuition required to develop sustainable businesses.

BLAZE means Building Leaders and Accepting Zero Excuses®️. It is the heartbeat that propels us forward as we unlock unprecedented access to economic mobility.

Blaze Group®️ App

Black women entrepreneurs also have direct access to world-class, culturally competent knowledge through our app, which provides AI Business Advisory 24/7. 

App Store Logos.png
App Store Logos.png

Our Values



We create solutions that feel like home for Black women.



We empower people to scale in their zones of genius.



We protect space for humanity + change.



We fluidly adapt, moving at the speed of culture.



We redefine what is possible in this lifetime.

State of Black Women-Owned Businesses Report®️

Blaze Group understands that data representation accelerates inclusivity in quantitative modeling, market validation, and solution design across all industries.  Our research on Black women entrepreneurs fuels our thought leadership + pioneering in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We publish an annual report to similarly aid other institutions doing important work to impact the lives + livelihoods of those we serve.

Blaze Group State the Black Women Owned Businesses Report

"The goal is not to change the way the world sees Black women. It is to change the way the Black woman sees herself."
- Casey Ariel, Blaze Group Founder

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