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Touched By Ty Wins Best in Marketing & Branding at the 2023 Blaze Business Awards

DEI Directive Wins Best in Tech & Web3 at the 2023 Blaze Business Awards

Discover the inspiring story of Tyllah Chanel, the trailblazing winner of the "Best in Branding" award at the 2023 Blaze Business Awards! In this inspiring interview, Tyllah shares her incredible journey as a Black Woman-Owned business owner, defying the odds and carving a path to success in a small, East Texas town.

Tyllah's story is one of determination and resilience. Despite facing financial struggles and setbacks, she refused to give up on her dreams. In 2017, she made a life-changing decision to break free from the cycle of poverty and launched Touched By Ty Career and Resume Writing Services. The year 2019 marked a turning point for Tyllah, as she fully embraced her passion for graphic design, copywriting, and branding services with the launch of Touched By Ty.

Tyllah's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, creativity, and unwavering belief in oneself. From humble beginnings to becoming an influential figure in the branding world, she continues to make waves and has exciting plans in the works. Brace yourselves for more groundbreaking achievements as Tyllah Chanel leaves an indelible mark on the business world and beyond!

About Touched by Ty

Touched by Ty launched in 2017 specializing in copywriting for blogs and campaign rollouts. To date, they've niched down to email and SMS marketing for small to midsize companies. Touched by Ty helps brands all over the world and has worked with companies across 20+ countries to bring their marketing visions to life. The agency has generated 7 figures in digital marketing for their clients and plans to expand the company to launch a digital marketing academy soon.

DEI Directive Wins Best in Tech & Web3 at the 2023 Blaze Business Awards


Delving Deeper

"I would love for you to get to know me and learn my story from a very personable standpoint. I want you to meet the real Tyllah-Chanel Cornelio today & learn more about my journey, tribulations, and hardships in building my businesses from scratch since 2017," said Tyllah.

DEI Directive Wins Best in Tech & Web3 at the 2023 Blaze Business Awards

We are so proud of you and your inspiring win, Tyllah! When did you know that you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

Tyllah: When I was about 11. I submitted poetry to this contest online and won a prize. I’ve loved the idea of using the internet to make money ever since.

Yasssssss, Tyllah!!! You learned at an early age the power of creating value for others! We love to see it!

You've been an entrepreneur for awhile. So today, what does a *typical day* in your entrepreneurial lifestyle look like?

Tyllah: Every day is different. Sometimes I’m in meetings all day. On other days I have quiet time to work on projects. I like to find something social to do once a week. I work out 3-4 days a week to combat my sedentary lifestyle. I look for cohorts and opportunities to apply for and try to grow my resources to make entrepreneurship easier for me over time. Lately, I’ve been spending more time developing systems, refining processes, and creating preventive measures to eliminate room for miscommunication.

DEI Directive Wins Best in Tech & Web3 at the 2023 Blaze Business Awards

We love how you switch it up to honor every part of you and your business!

So tell us, what were some of your *greatest fears* have you had on your entrepreneurial journey?

Tyllah: My greatest fear at the time of starting was not making enough money to be able to make any real “motion”. I would sit and think about everything that could go wrong and start to psych myself out. Once I learned that I was doing this, I started working on my mindset, changing what media I consumed and getting serious about nurturing my mind. I started studying more and being more intentional with the things I was doing in my business.

Mental agility as an entrepreneur is so key! Can you share a bit about what your support system looks like as an entrepreneur?

DEI Directive Wins Best in Tech & Web3 at the 2023 Blaze Business Awards

Tyllah: It’s very diverse. I have different people in my life for different things. Some people in my life are solely business friends. Some of my friends are for traveling and creating experiences. Others are here for monthly dinners and building a close relationship.


Tyllah, you are such a force to be reckoned with and started so early in your life and now with Touched by Ty! Thank you for sharing your journey and important insights with the community. We are always here cheering you on every step of the way :)

If you'd like to connect with Tyllah or learn more about the work that Touched by Ty is doing, you can use the links below:

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