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Collaborating at Work

The State of Black Women-Owned Businesses Report®️:

Black women are starting businesses at the fastest clip of any cohort of entrepreneurs in the United States, yet out-of-touch ecosystems contribute to their aggregate revenue shortfall of $520Bn per year.


Closing racial and gender wealth gaps depends on the re-engineering of foundational systems across the entrepreneurial landscape. 

For the socially conscious leader grappling with the complexities of scaling your vision...

Blaze Group offers transformative education that empowers you to galvanize your organization with a shared purpose. Remember, true growth is fueled by unity + collective drive, not just individual genius. 



  • iOS + Android App

  • AI Business Advisory

  • 12-mo. training programs

  • 1:1 coaching augmentation

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App Store Logos.png

Executive Education Reimagined.

At Blaze Group, we skillfully leverage our research, expertise, and lived experiences as Black women to shape culturally attuned business education for emerging leaders of social enterprises. From aiding Black women in their development of sustainable business models to influencing core design practices that eliminate harmful bias, we fuel vibrant growth.

Our Blaze Group®️ app is a brilliant sidekick for solopreneurs who are just starting and are seeking affordability. Enjoy AI Business Advisory, templates, and courses 24/7.

Our Change Management Mastery program equips leaders with strategies to navigate the complexities of organizational change, resistance, and communication. 

Our Executive Leadership Development 

program equips emerging leaders with the competencies to make high-stakes decisions and successfully mobilize their institutions.

Our FinTech Design & Program Piloting 

curriculum empowers social startups to scale innovative solutions that close gender and racial wealth gaps with greater success.

Blaze Group at a Glance

For four years, Blaze Group has been pioneering fresh approaches to organizational development + scale through consulting, training, and advisory solutions.


The year Blaze Group was founded

3 continents

Geographic presence and experience


Engaged audience across the globe

+$10 million

Economic impact from solutions rendered

3x Webby

Webby Awards Distinction, 2024, 2023, & 2022

+200 reviews

Positive testimonials from clients served

Trusted Across
the Globe

Blaze Group LLC_Founder & CEO_Casey Ariel Richardson

Origin Story

Founder Casey Ariel started Blaze Group in December 2020, after spending a decade structuring multi-billion dollar loans for tech companies - but never seeing other Black women on deal teams or the receiving end of funding. She left to take her world-class knowledge to Black + Brown communities.

Blaze Group is a research + intelligence firm that empowers leaders to engineer solutions that level the playing field for the most vulnerable among us. Our research, technology, and education has impacted entrepreneurs, executives, and institutions from Sub-Saharan Africa to the United States.

Blaze Group provides expertise that increases the sustainability of businesses led by underestimated founders, leaders, and visionaries. BLAZE means Building Leaders and Accepting Zero Excuses®️.


"Casey is a fearless and dedicated leader who was the tip of the spear in launching Hello Tractor's innovative tractor finance product. Her commitment to attacking bias forced me to address the bias that I brought to our work and I am a better leader for it."

Jehiel Oliver, CEO of Hello Tractor


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“I have a huge passion for challenging the norm and making space for people who are so deserving but lack equitable opportunity. I want to eradicate the barriers that exist today in terms of access to financial capital, knowledge and mentorship.” Casey Ariel, Founder & CEO


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