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Collaborating at Work

The State of Black Women-Owned Businesses Report®️:

Black women are starting businesses at the fastest clip of any cohort of entrepreneurs in the United States, yet are generating an average annual revenue of $24k (vs. $142.0 among all women-owned businesses and $218.8k for white women-owned businesses).

Closing these racial- and gender-based wealth gaps requires radically re-engineered approaches to solution design, policy, and education. 

"Although Black women are the largest demographic of women starting businesses, many are bootstrapping and struggling for profit. Only 3% of Black women-owned companies mature and survive longer than five years.


Blaze Group at a Glance

For four years, Blaze Group has directly educated Black women entrepreneurs across the globe, working to redistribute economic power to Black women.


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Educational technology that is spiritually oriented.

In sociology, third spaces are places between home and work where individuals choose to spend time because it nurtures their souls. These are the neighborhood stoops, coffee shops, and gyms.


Blaze Group is revolutionizing financial education through the power of "third-space technology". We prioritize culture, while others merely value content. We nurture the soul.

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The Trailblazer Journey

You deserve a village that sticks with you for the long haul! The Blaze Group app and our business finance courses are intentionally designed to flex well within the ever-changing priorities of your life. Black women entrepreneurs in our tribe have worked with us for years! There is never any rush or fear of missing out! Take your time here.

Our Blaze Group®️ app is a brilliant sidekick for solopreneurs who are newly launching. Enjoy AI Biz Advisory, templates, and auto-generated reports 24/7! Click to learn more.

Our State of Black Women-Owned Businesses Report®️  amplifies the stories and statistics of Black women entrepreneurs to fuel systemic change. Click to learn more.

Our Blaze Finance Courses equip emerging leaders with the competencies to run profitable businesses, raise capital, and scale their vision. Click to learn more.

Our Blaze Virtual Summit®️ provides an annual forum for entrepreneurs, capital investors, and policy-makers to incubate fresh solutions. Click to learn more.

Blaze Group LLC_Founder & CEO_Casey Ariel Richardson

Origin Story

Founder Casey Ariel started Blaze Group in December 2020, after spending a decade structuring multi-billion dollar loans for large tech corporations - but never once serving alongside another Black woman on deal teams or having the opportunity to deploy capital to Black woman-owned ventures. She left to take her knowledge to the streets.

Blaze Group is an educational technology firm that leverages "third space technology" to teach Black women about business economics in ways that are innately familiar. Our Blaze Group mobile app features an AI Business Advisor engineered with Big Mama's intelligence. Our educational cohorts offer deep support and communal learning. 

Blaze Group's mission is to increase the sustainability, investability, and scalability of Black women-owned businesses. BLAZE means Building Leaders and Accepting Zero Excuses®️.

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“I have a huge passion for challenging the norm and making space for people who are so deserving but lack equitable opportunity. I want to eradicate the barriers that exist today in terms of access to financial capital, knowledge and mentorship.” Casey Ariel, Founder & CEO


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