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We create worlds of ease for Black women entrepreneurs.

Download the Blaze Group app on Android and iOS.

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Blaze Group at a Glance

For three years, Black women have come to Blaze Group for life-changing support that accelerates their ability to build the lives and businesses of their dreams.


The year Blaze Group was founded

176 countries

Countries our offerings are present in


Engaged audience across the globe

+$12 million

Economic impact created for B2B and B2C clients served

2x Webby

Webby Awards Honoree, 2023 & 2022


The age range of 2/3 of our community base

Impact Across Industries


Stretching that feels familiar.

Black enterprising has been a beautiful thread of Black womanhood throughout our cultural history. It's time that we center our own models of success and growth. 

Blaze Group offers readily available support tools and experiences that feel familiar to early-stage Black women entrepreneurs. We understand that ease is the key to unlocking limitless growth potential for Black women... and they deserve it.

Blaze Group LLC_Founder & CEO_Casey Ariel Richardson

Origin Story

Founder Casey Ariel Richardson started Blaze Group in December 2020, after spending a decade structuring multi-billion loans for tech companies - but never seeing other Black women on deal teams or on the receiving end of funding. She left to take her knowledge to the streets.

Blaze Group was created to decolonize pathways to economic freedom. We bring familiarity and user-centric experiences to capacity-building frameworks for Black women entrepreneurs. 

Today, Blaze Group has an audience of +110,000 Black women entrepreneurs around the globe. The Blaze Group app is available on Android and iOS, in more than 176 countries. We are putting ease at the fingertips of Black women. BLAZE means Building Leaders and Accepting Zero Excuses™. 

You started the business,
our app helps you stay in the game.

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Engage with like-minded Black women entrepreneurs around the globe via messaging and digital journaling.

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Bianca the Bot, accountability tracking, and other tools are there whenever you need them - with zero pressure.

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Enjoy the ease of using off-the-shelf courses, templates + guides created for Balck women by Black women. 

Helpful for any trailblazer, in any industry.

App Store Logos.png
App Store Logos.png
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Like You

Queen A., CA

“I would recommend the Blaze Business Intensive course to other Black women because it pushes you and helps you to manage your business like a boss."

Annika L., NC

"Blaze Group is a safe space for Black women who are at any stage of the entrepreneur journey to connect, gain inspiration, be motivated and build the necessary skills to follow their dreams."

Gina A., NY

“Love this group. I think the business model is one that so many women are searching for but don't quite know how to explain what they need. ”

“I have a huge passion for challenging the norm and making space for people who are so deserving but lack equitable opportunity. I want to eradicate the barriers that exist today in terms of access to financial capital, knowledge and mentorship.” Casey Ariel Richardson, Founder & CEO


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Build your business without burnout.

Blaze Group provides safe + protected space for Black women entrepreneurs across the globe to be cultivated. Our socio-business app helps you to break past traditional growth barriers with ease. Join our email list to stay abreast of all latest features!

Become a partner.

We love aiding ecosystems that are cultivating Black women entrepreneurs at scale.

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