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Accelerate AI Adoption for Black Women-Owned Businesses!

Gift culturally competent AI business advisory, micro-dosage education, and a network of peers to rising Black women entrepreneurs in your industry or region of choice! Your sponsorship drives a more inclusive and innovative business landscape.

The Stats

Strengthen the pipeline of digitally-competent Black women entrepreneurs.

Bolster economic opportunity.


The percentage of net new women-owned businesses created by Black women each day in the United States. 

American Express Research


The gap that the median Black woman has in net wealth ownership relative to a single White male.

Goldman Sachs


The percentage of Black children that are likely to fall out of the middle class by the time they are 40 years old.

McKinsey & Company

Entrepreneurial Spirit




Added annual revenue of Black women-owned firms if parity were achieved with White women-owned firms. 

American Express Research


The percentage of Black women entrepreneurs earning <$5k per annum, underscoring need for resource support.

Blaze Group Research


The percentage of Black women entrepreneurs who are also balancing the demands of motherhood. 

Blaze Group Research

Tangible Benefits of Sponsorship


Colored Papers

Our Features

An Experience That Black Women Entrepreneurs Love


Culturally-Familiar Design

This app was created for Black women, by Black women - centering cultural language, references, and visual depictions that flatten the learning curve for early-stage entrepreneurs. We remove the anxiety in stretching.


Conveniently Accessible

We've successfully placed power in the pockets of the fastest-growing demographic of entrepreneurs. Our app is available on iOS and Android, compatible with more than 14,000 device types across 176 countries around the globe.


24/7 Support

Black women entrepreneurs are mothers, partners, community heroes, and creatives worthy of sustainable pacing. Our solution brings a well of business resources that can be used at any time, any where.


Advanced Tech

We are passionate about keeping Black women on the cusp of cutting-edge tech that simplifies lives. Our app features an AI Business Advisor, named B., who patiently breaks down business concepts for growing founders.

Shape the Future. Support Rising Entrepreneurs.

Champion a new generation of Black women-led businesses! Sponsor app subscriptions, target your impact by region or industry, and we'll launch a customized campaign that highlights your commitment to a diverse business world.​ Your sponsorship unlocks entrepreneurial potential, fuels innovation, and builds a more inclusive landscape.

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More than an app, Blaze Group is home.

App Reviews

It just keeps getting better and better

The Blaze Group App is a trailblazer in the mobile app market for entrepreneurs! Since I’ve had the app, the features keep getting better and are exactly what I need to scale my business! This app is highly recommended if you want to continue to evolve and grow in your business!

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Partner with us to bolster your business intelligence, traction, and impact related to Black women entrepreneurs.

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