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Thriving Against the Odds: Black Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets to Success

Black women entrepreneurs

Step into the world of Black women entrepreneurs, where ambition and creativity know no bounds. In this interview blog, we have the privilege of sharing the personal journeys of these trailblazing women as they shatter glass ceilings and redefine what it means to be a business owner!

Tamara Irving, Founder & Lead Consultant at TMI Design Consulting | Atlanta, Georgia

When did you realize that you wanted to become an entrepreneur, Tamara?

Tamara: On the 1st of January 2021.

Veronica Easterling-Thomas, Founder/CEO at Multicultural Aromatherapy | Bossier City, Louisiana

Veronica, how about you?

Veronica: It happened for me when I was 22 years old.

Carol Forge Hatcher, CEO at The ForgeCo Group | Birmingham, Alabama

What's your story, Carol?

Carol: When I was working at the bank many years ago.

The responses of all three ladies illustrate the transformative power of a single moment, the catalyst that propels individuals into the world of entrepreneurship. It serves as a reminder that inspiration can strike at any time, and the pursuit of one's dreams often begins with a single, life-altering realization!

Diving deeper into their stories.

Black woman entrepreneur

TMI Design Consulting - telling the stories of creatives

"I serve arts educators and I created my business due to the lack of professional development and mentoring that arts educators receive," said Tamara Irving.

TMI Design Consulting is on a mission to tell the stories of creatives. They offer professional development, coaching and mentoring services, as well as a course.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Tamara: A typical day for me involves creating resources for the various dance educators that I serve, researching creative opportunities to develop story opportunities for creatives, marketing my brand and managing my social media pages.

Did you have any fears about venturing into entrepreneurship?

Tamara: That no one was going to need my services and that I would have to go back to the classroom.

What does your support system look like as an entrepreneur?

Tamara: First, my husband, because he believes in me! My family in entirety for sacrificing time, my VA and my Marketing Coach.

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Tamara, as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, we want to cheer you on and remind you of the incredible strength and determination you possess! Your typical day is filled with purpose and passion as you create valuable resources for creatives. Believe in yourself, embrace your unique talents, and let your passion continue to shine through. You've got this, Tamara!


Black woman entrepreneur

Multicultural Aromatherapy - providing aromatherapy education and resources to individuals and professionals

"I created Multicultural Aromatherapy because African Americans are underrepresented in the aromatherapy industry, especially in America. I wanted to be an organization for everyone while creating a safe platform for people of color," said Veronica Easterling-Thomas.

Multicultural Aromatherapy is on a mission to diversify and provide aromatherapy education and resources to individuals and professionals.

They serve anyone who is interested in learning how to use essential oils safely in their personal life or business. Their offerings include an Aromatherapy certification course, health and wellness classes, and speaking engagements.

What does a typical day look like for you as an entrepreneur?

Veronica: I'd typically spend my day working on writing my book, creating PowerPoint presentations, updating my website, working on social media, and consulting with clients.

What were your greatest fears stepping into entrepreneurship?

Veronica: I feared not having enough knowledge and experience in my field. But, I focused on what I had to offer and didn't worry about comparing myself to what others were doing.

What does your support system look like today?

Veronica: I surround myself with positive people whether they're in business or not and remove toxic people from my life! My support system includes my mother, who has been my cheerleader since Day 1 and a close group of friends who pour into me daily.

Visit Multicultural Aromatherapy's website

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'I focused on what I had to offer and didn't worry about comparing myself to what others were doing.' - this is sooooo powerful, Veronica! This is the mindset that propels you forward and has you winning in your own lane. Best believe that your unique perspective and the value you bring to your field are immeasurable! Keep shining and making a difference in the world!


Black woman entrepreneur

The ForgeCo Group - helping business owners and entrepreneurs fund their dreams

"We serve those persons who are underserved and not bankable or the banks say 'no.' We assist people with funding their business whether new or existing," said Carol Forge Hatcher.

The ForgeCo Group's mission is to consult business owners and entrepreneurs with making their dreams become a reality. We sell knowledge and services that assist business owners to grow their businesses and provide funding for projects. We help our clients to learn and know the next steps to take to continue the process to get funding. Business funding doesn't have to be hard. We make it easy to get through the process for a successful closing.

Can you walk us through a typical day in your life?

Carol: My day typically starts very early and my time is spent talking and in meeting engagements with both clients and investors. I perform site tours, make presentations and speak at various events.

What does your support system look like?

Carol: My support systems include my parents, my mentors, my pastor as well as other support services I have access to. I'm also very self-motivated, passionate, and confident. Plus I trust my decisions.

What was your greatest fear before stepping into entrepreneurship?

Carol: Becoming a leader, obtaining clients, starting with no funding in place, failing to plan to do business, not certain of my skill set, marketing the business, partnering with the right people, fear of failure, growing the company, frustration and challenges with running a business. I faced them all by praying, having faith, staying focused, and remembering that I wanted to make a difference and change people's mindsets to succeed.

Wow, Carol! Your entrepreneurial journey is filled with so much courage and determination. The fears you expressed are shared by many Black women in business, and your ability to name them candidly is so validating. We want to encourage you to continue to lean on your support system, trust your instincts, and remember that your journey inspires others to overcome their own fears and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams!

In the world of entrepreneurship, these Black women have proven that determination knows no bounds. They inspire us with their stories, showing us that with hard work, perseverance, and a strong support system, dreams can become a reality. Their journeys serve as a reminder that the path to success may be filled with challenges and fears, but it is through facing those fears and pushing forward that greatness is achieved. Thank you ladies for taking the time to share your inspiring stories with us!


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