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Lesline Does Wellness Wins Best in Wellness & Healthcare at the 2023 Blaze Business Awards

Lesline Does Wellness Wins Best in Wellness & Healthcare at the 2023 Blaze Business Awards

Lesline Pittman is the incredible winner of the "Best in Wellness & Healthcare" award at the prestigious 2023 Blaze Business Awards! Lesline is making waves in the industry, and in this interview, she's giving us an exclusive look into her game-changing wellness and healthcare business.

Lesline who's a proud Jamerican grew up in a Jamaican household where she was taught the value of being a hard worker and never giving up. These lessons translated into her wellness business and have been one of the biggest motivators for her.

Being a Registered Nurse with a decade of healthcare experience, Lesline fully understands firsthand how important wellness is, especially for Black Women. Get ready to be blown away as she shares her insights, her dreams, and all the exciting initiatives she's got in store!

About Lesline Does Wellness

Lesline Doess Wellness is focused on transforming new moms’ lives through the use of yoga and mindfulness. Lesline offers yoga and mindfulness classes to new moms through her virtual yoga studio, in-person workshops, and corporate mindfulness events.


Delving Deeper

"As a mom of 2 little ones, after having my daughter I had mental health challenges and sought out therapy to help me overcome a very low point in my life. While working with the therapist I wanted more, so I sought out a life coach which transformed my life! This transformation birthed Lesline Does Wellness because I wanted to make other moms feel just as good as I do," said Lesline.

Lesline Does Wellness Wins Best in Wellness & Healthcare at the 2023 Blaze Business Awards

We are so proud of you and your inspiring win, Lesline! Can you share a little bit about your business journey? What inspired you to start your business?

Lesline: My daughter was about 9 months old and had really bad colic. (This was in 2020.) We did everything, rocked her, gave her gas drops, called the doctor, and she just wouldn’t shut up.

As she was crying I remember having suicidal thoughts because I just couldn’t take raising 2 kids under 2 AND not being able to leave the house?! It was a lot. But that’s not what scared me, it was the next set of thoughts I had which was to harm my daughter.

I did not harm her, but I remember feeling such shame. Especially because I am a Registered Nurse. I shouldn’t think this way?! It was at this moment that mindfulness saved my life. If I hadn’t been practicing yoga (started practicing in 2009), I would not be aware of those thoughts. Sadly, I probably would have acted on them.

Instead of acting on those thoughts I immediately ran upstairs and told my husband I needed to take a walk and when I came back in after my head was clear I found a therapist.

After working with the therapist, I realized I wanted more and found a life coach. As I was working with my life coach, who also happened to be a yoga teacher, she informed me of a yoga teacher scholarship. I applied for the scholarship and became Certified as a Yoga Teacher in December 2020. A few months later, I realized that I had a business and needed to make myself official, so I created my LLC - Lesline Does Wellness.

Wow! That is such a touching story, Lesline! Your self-awareness and mindfulness literally saved you from taking an action that you would have spent your entire life regretting - that's powerful!

Just like every business, we're sure you must have faced your own unique set of challenges since launching your business. Can you talk a bit about that and how you have been able to overcome them?

Lesline: Sure! Two of my greatest challenges were people not taking me seriously as well as figuring out how to market my business so I can get proper funding and recognition to amplify my business. One way I overcame people not taking me seriously was by nominating myself for awards such as the Blaze Business Awards. I knew deep down that if I put my name in the bucket and WON, then people would take me seriously and want to work with me.

Lesline Does Wellness Wins Best in Wellness & Healthcare at the 2023 Blaze Business Awards

So tell us, how did it feel to be recognized as a winner in your category at the Blaze Business Awards and what other achievements have you had on your entrepreneurial journey?

Lesline: INCREDIBLE!! Especially because the judges don't know me. It feels so good to get outside recognition. Don’t get me wrong I love the support from my family and friends but sometimes I feel like they’re just being nice, you know? So when I heard my name, it was confirmation that my business is needed. That my services are needed. That I really am feeling a gap in the marketplace.

A week after this great recognition, I won Deeva Influencer for the 6th Annual Women on The Rise International Awards Gala. I have also hit over 400 email subscribers and had the pleasure of teaching yoga to 40 teenage girls at a local summer camp this year!

You're on a roll, girl!!! We love all of this for you! It's only up from here. Can you share a bit about your impact goals and vision for your business?

Lesline Does Wellness Wins Best in Wellness & Healthcare at the 2023 Blaze Business Awards

Lesline: Black women are 3 times more likely to die in childbirth than our counterparts. My hope with Lesline Does Wellness is to lower this statistic through the use of yoga and mindfulness.

This statistic is sad and to be honest, very disheartening. I am not saying that yoga and mindfulness are the cure, but from what I’ve seen working as a Registered Nurse, Black Women are more likely to develop High Blood Pressure which turns into Preeclampsia during their pregnancy and puts them more at risk for delivering premature babies.

If preeclampsia is not treated they end up dying in childbirth. So coming back to impact, I know that if we teach more Black women how to listen to their bodies and manage their stress through the use of yoga and mindfulness we can lower this statistic.

I also really want to be a household name in the wellness industry, specifically for new moms. I want to be the go-to “yoga for new moms” expert. I am hoping that more Black women become inspired by what I’m doing and do whatever it is they want to do.

The sky is NOT the limit, let’s get past that. The sky is the starting point. We have so much to offer. We as Black women can be whoever we want to be. That is the impact I want to make through my business. For Black girls and women to see they can do and be whatever they want to!!

I would ultimately want to create a wellness app specifically for new moms. By creating and launching this app, I will be able to make a global impact and scale.

The sky is the starting point!! Preach, Lesline! If you were to give advice to other aspiring Black women entrepreneurs, what would you tell them?

Lesline Does Wellness Wins Best in Wellness & Healthcare at the 2023 Blaze Business Awards

Lesline: Find communities like Blaze. Join non-profits and share your story. The more you share your story, the more you will find your tribe and continue to stay motivated to keep pressing on.

You're definitely right, Lesline, community is everything on this journey! So what's next for Lesline Does Wellness? Any upcoming projects?

Lesline: Yes! I am hosting my first yoga retreat for new moms in Orlando, FL in December 2023. There are 4 more spots open. I would love to have you there :)


We have absolutely loved catching up with you, Lesline! The work you are doing is so needed and we know you are going places! Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey with our community. We wish you success in all you do!

If you'd like to connect with Lesline or sign up for her yoga and mindfulness program, you can use the links below:

Sign up for her Yoga & Mindfulness Program

Purchase Escape with Lesline weighted eye pillow



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