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These Women are Following Their Passions & Transforming Lives!

Nairobi, Kenya -- January 19, 2023 -- This year, we will be sharing even more beautiful stories of Black women entrepreneurs who are building amazing businesses and leading the way in their respective industries!

We are always thrilled to hear about the unique experience of each woman and our hope is that these stories serve as a motivation to others out there who are thinking about delving into the world of entrepreneurship but are unsure of what to expect on the journey!

Siarra Morris, Founder & Owner of Yogi Vibezz | Asbury Park, New Jersey

When did you first realize that you wanted to launch your own business?

Siarra: I knew this back when I had my daughter in 2010. I had just birthed my baby girl and hated the fact that I had to leave her so soon, in a few weeks right after birth. It made me so depressed and sad. This is when I knew I wanted to work for myself.

Lesline Pittman, Founder at LeslineDoesWellness | Orlando, Florida

How about you, Lesline?

Lesline: For me, it happened after teaching my first yoga class. One of the students said I transformed her life...and it was her first yoga class!

Angelica Turner, CEO of RealSistasRealTalk and Owner of NexGenRevolution Nonprofit | Lithonia, Georgia

Angelica, when did it click for you?

Angelica: When I was young I always had a way of talking to people. Growing up with 4 other siblings, in a single-parent household, in order to eat or have gas we had to stand outside grocery stores and ask for help. And right then, God gave me the strength to never take no for an answer.

Diving deeper into their stories.

Yogi Vibezz - serving urban communities that suffer from childhood trauma and poverty, through wellness techniques and recreational activities for greater mental health

"I created Yogi Vibezz because I started recognizing the fact that I needed healing. I’ve been to church and support groups, but something was still missing. It was my lack of self awareness, which I started to recognize once I started meditation. I was always just existing, but never felt alive in a sense. I felt very disconnected from myself, so I started to go within more and find the answers. This lead me to realize that I suffered from childhood trauma and that I needed to dig further to really find my true inner being," said Siarra Morris.

Yogi Vibezz is a wellness brand that offers yoga, meditation, journaling, childhood trauma coaching, hiking trails, etc. as a service to those in communities that need it the most.

What does a typical day as an entrepreneur look like for you?

Siarra: Upon rising, around 5:45-6 am, I start my day with affirmations and gratitude for waking up. I then meditate for about 15-20 minutes and do some exercise (yoga, pilates, weight training, stretching etc.).

Next, I wake my daughter up and make myself some tea as I also start to get dressed. I move to my office space and start to check emails and my schedule to create a task list for my day.

After that, I post content on my business page and respond to any comments or DM’s. By 1-2 pm, I eat something light and take my daily walk. Once I arrive back home, I wrap up my day and plan for the next. On occasion, I may have zoom meetings in the evening time as well.

Did you have any fears before launching into entrepreneurship?

Siarra: My greatest fear was that I would not succeed due to my having imposter syndrome. But I am overcoming that fear daily as I show up and do what I love!

What does your support system look like as an entrepreneur?

Siarra: I have support from my friends and family for certain labor tasks which I'm very grateful for. But I generally operate my business alone.

Visit The Yogi Vibezz website

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LeslineDoesWellness - transforming busy moms' lives through restorative yoga, mindset coaching and breathwork

"I created my business because I know what it is like to feel alone as a new mom and want help but don't know where to turn. I got you!," said Lesline Pittman.

LeslineDoesWellness is on a mission to serve busy moms through restorative yoga, mindset coaching, and breathwork. Lesline currently offers 1:1 mindset coaching and has a virtual yoga studio on her website where she offers monthly yoga classes.

Can you walk us through a typical day in your life?

Lesline: A typical day for me is using my breaks from my corporate job to check emails, respond to social media, and provide coaching calls.

Do you have a support system? What does it look like at the moment?

Lesline: I am currently a part of a couple of professional organizations that are local to my community. We meet regularly which helps me stay motivated.

What was your greatest fear before stepping into entrepreneurship?

Lesline: For me, I literally fell into entrepreneurship due to my passion for yoga. I didn't even realize I was becoming an entrepreneur. It was not a premeditated thing so I didn't have any fears per se. It just happened and it has been the wildest rollercoaster ever since!

Visit the LeslineDoesWellness website

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RealsistasRealtalk and NexGenRevolution Nonprofit - on a mission to inspire the next generation

"I want the next generation to know that that no matter the trials or tribulations you have been through, you can turn that Pain into the Purpose God has for you," said Angelica Turner.

RealsistasRealtalk and NexGenRevolution Nonprofit are focused on media and youth engagement and offer services from Nail Care to Productivity Classes.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Angelica: My typical day revolves around vlogging, creating design templates, conducting interviews as well as organizational management.

Did you have any fears when you took the bold step to become an entrepreneur?

Angelica: My fear was telling my story and being vulnerable about the shame I carried with me. But once I realized that my past couldn’t hold me back as well as realizing that I was most likely not the only one who has gone through my situation, I became more courageous. I always say to myself - you never know who you may inspire just by telling your story.

What does your support system look like as an entrepreneur?

Angelica: My circle that I have with like-minded individuals who I want to see grow and vice versa!

We honor these 3 brilliant, budding entrepreneurs who were courageous enough to share their stories. We're grateful that they are part of our safe community. We invite you to be part of it as well.

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