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The Blaze Knowledge Academy has Courses for Black Women

Business education is important for everyone, but especially so for Black women!

Businesses are more than just a place to work—they’re a community that helps us find our passions and define our values. They help us grow into leaders and role models in our communities, but they also provide opportunities to learn new skills that can be used in other fields or industries down the line.

In fact, there are now over 2 million Black-owned businesses in America—that’s nearly 1/3 of all U.S.-based firms! That number has increased by 60% since 2006 alone!

As the economy continues to grow and shift, so do business opportunities. But there’s one group that might be at a disadvantage: Black women. And this is why leveling the playing field for black women through business education is important to us at Blaze Group!

We believe that for Black women entrepreneurs to get ahead in business, it's important that they know what's going on around them and how to take advantage of it. This can be done through education, which offers deep understanding of the business world, as well as coaching to prepare women for tough times and opportunities that arise.

And this is why we created the Blaze Knowlege Academy Tier on the Blaze Group app! We have designed targeted courses that help Black women succeed in the world of entrepreneurship by providing the tools and resources one needs to succeed as an entrepreneur. The best part is that we have both free and paid courses that you can take advantage of today to take your business to the next level!

We offer various courses that teach topics such as:

  • Fundamentals of business management

  • How to create digital products + service offerings that allow you to step into entrepreneurship profitably

  • How to fundraise successfully

  • How to use business process automation to work more efficiently

  • How to scale your business and lots more!

If you're a Black female entrepreneur, you already know that the world of business can be quite challenging. We would love to help you along your entrepreneurial journey and see you succeed immensely while you're at it. If you're starting up your own company or feeling stuck in your business, then consider taking advantage of our Blaze Knowledge Academy today on the Blaze Group app today.


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