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The Power of Collective Action: Join Our #FundBlackWomen Lending Team!

#FundBlackWomen by Blaze Group LLC

The power of collective action is undeniable, and when combined with a shared mission to uplift and support Black women in business, the possibilities are endless!

At Blaze Group, we are providing a unique opportunity for individuals like you to become investors in Black woman-owned businesses. By joining our #FundBlackWomen Lending Team, you can make a significant impact with as little as $25. Together, we can help level the playing field and empower Black women entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

The Impact of #FundBlackWomen

Our collective funding initiative has already achieved remarkable results. Five Black women business owners have been fully funded, thanks to the support of our lending team. And we're not stopping there.

Currently, eight more inspiring women are actively raising funds, each with a unique vision and incredible potential. By becoming a member of our lending team, you can be at the forefront of this movement, providing vital financial support to these entrepreneurs and countless others in the future.

How It Works

As a #FundBlackWomen lending team member, you will receive notifications whenever Blaze community members create new crowdfunding campaigns. These campaigns aim to raise capital for their ventures, enabling them to bring their innovative ideas to life. Once an entrepreneur's target funding amount has been reached, they will repay their zero-interest, zero-fee loan in affordable monthly installments. In other words, they pay you back, creating a cycle of empowerment and economic growth.

The Power of Endorsements

As a Kiva Trustee, Blaze goes the extra mile to support our network of women entrepreneurs. We provide written campaign recommendations on their public profiles, endorsing their crowdfunding campaigns and increasing their loan approval odds.

By adding your support to our lending team, you actively contribute to the creditworthiness of these campaigns, giving them a better chance of success. Your investment is not only financial but also a demonstration of trust and belief in their potential.

Additionally, any loans that team members endorse will be featured on our lending team page, creating even more exposure for the businesses and amplifying their stories.

Join Us!

By joining our collective, you become part of a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to driving positive change and economic empowerment for Black women. We believe that together, we can make a difference, one investment at a time.

Visit our #FundBlackWomen page on and let your investment be a catalyst for change!


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