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New program announced - join our Founder in Africa for WFA Immersion Week!

Oakland, CA -- January 18, 2022 -- Blaze Group LLC is excited to announce its latest group coaching experience, called WFA Immersion Week! This September, our Founder Casey Ariel Richardson will be welcoming 12 Black female entrepreneurs to Cape Town, South Africa to teach them the principles of running a work-from-anywhere business.

Casey is passionate about this offering, largely because she embarked on her own path of building a startup while abroad in Africa after being inspired by two Black female digital nomads on Instagram. At the time that Casey took this huge leap in her life, there were no step-by-step checklists to follow. She gleaned what she could from inspiring Instagram captions and learned the rest from real-world experience.

After spending the entirety of 2021 in Africa, growing the thriving coaching + e-learning business we now know as BLAZE GROUP LLC, and touching thousands of lives in the process - Casey has decided to be more hands-on with other Black female entrepreneurs who want to do the same for themselves and their businesses.

This week, Casey launched an international group coaching experience called WFA Immersion Week. In this instance, WFA means work-from-abroad! The program takes place September 25 - October 2, 2022. Learn more and enroll at


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