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How to mint an NFT on OpenSea

"Mint an NFT" is a phrase we hear all too often these days. It's used to describe the process of turning any good or service into a digital token that can be traded on digital platforms like OpenSea. If you've been wanting to learn how to mint your first NFT for free, this post will walk you through how to do it on OpenSea! And if you missed our previous posts where we broke down what NFTs are and why they are valuable, be sure to check it out first before reading this one!

What is OpenSea?

OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace, with over $2 billion in transactions and more than 1 million users. Because OpenSea has been around since 2016, it has a reputation for stability and security. It also has a nice interface that makes trading easy.

OpenSea is a great place to find items from smaller creators who may not sell their NFTs anywhere else or to buy popular items at a discount before they become expensive.

Steps to Mint Your NFT on OpenSea

1. Create a Metamask Wallet account

In order to purchase and sell NFTs on OpenSea, you'll need a cryptocurrency wallet account. Metamask is one of the most popular wallet options with a strong security system so you are sure your NFTs are safe at all times.

To create a Metamask wallet, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the MetaMask website at

  • Click on "Download MetaMask" to get the version for the browser you use. Chrome is preferable.

  • Once downloaded, follow the prompts and Click "Create New Wallet" to get started setting up your wallet

  • Be sure to write down your passphrase as this is important

  • Once you are done setting up, you can choose to fund your wallet immediately by clicking on "Buy" and either directly depositing ETH if you already have some or purchasing from one of their partner companies.

2. Create an OpenSea account and connect your wallet

Once you've set up your wallet, next you need to create an OpenSea account. If you already have an OpenSea account, then you can skip to step 3. To create an account on OpenSea, you can follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the profile section on the OpenSea website where you will be prompted to connect your wallet. Select "MetaMask" from the list and then click "Accept & Sign" to accept their Terms of Service & Privacy Policy documents automatically.

  • Once you’re connected, you should see a confirmation message that says “Connected to MetaMask.”

3. Upload the digital item you want to mint

Now you can upload the digital item you want to mint.

  • Click "Create" which will bring you to a page from where you can upload whatever digital asset you want to mint as an NFT

  • Fill in the relevant fields — your NFT name, description, collection, supply and blockchain etc

4. Start Minting

  • Once done, Click the "Create" button below the page and your NFT minting process will begin.

  • Be patient—it's can be a lengthy process that can take up to 10 minutes or more, depending on how many NFTs you are minting at once.

  • You can cancel at any time during the minting process by clicking "Cancel."

5. List your NFT for sale

  • If you are ready to list the NFT you created on the market for sale, just click on "Sell" in the upper right corner of your screen

  • Add the price for your NFT and the duration you want it listed for

  • Click "Complete Listing" and your NFT item should now to available for public purchase on the OpenSea marketplace!


And that's it! We hope you found this mini-tutorial on how to mint your first NFT on OpenSea helpful.

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