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Horizon Workrooms: The VR Business Meeting Space by Meta

Photo Credit: Meta

Have you ever thought about how VR is going to change the way we work? In fact, it can already be seen in many ways. One example of this is Horizon Workrooms—a new cloud-based software that allows you to hold meetings and teleconferences in virtual reality with other people. The software is available on the Meta App Store and can be downloaded by Meta users who want to experience the benefits of meeting face-to-face while staying digitally connected with others. In this blog post, we explore what Horizon Workrooms is and some of the features you can expect to enjoy while using the platform.

What Is Horizon Workrooms?

Horizon Workrooms is Meta's virtual work-focused space accessible through virtual reality headsets and the Web. You can use it to meet with your team, clients, and customers.

The point of Horizon Workrooms is to allow people who are separated by distance or time zones to participate in meetings together as if they were all there physically. This gives business owners more flexibility in choosing times and places for their meetings with employees and clients.

The fact that you will always have the tools required for various situations is one of the most important features of Horizon Workrooms. This implies more than just having immediate access to keyboards and whiteboards. You also get access tools for social interaction if you are trying to interact with coworkers. This way, you can nod in agreement with noteworthy suggestions or express gratitude to your audience when presenting work on a whiteboard. In essence, it functions as a universal online office.

How to Use Horizon Workrooms?

While you don't exactly need any special equipment or setup before using Horizon Workrooms, you'd get a better immersive experience with a VR Headset like the Meta Quest.

Once you get your headset, just follow the below steps to get started using Horizon Workrooms:

  • Download the app onto your device (iOS or Android) and sign up or log in with your account information on Metaverse One.

  • Once logged in, you can create a meeting room and invite attendees to join by email address or phone number OR

  • You can join an existing meeting by clicking "Join" from the main menu on the left sidebar under "Meeting Rooms", then choose one of the available rooms based on its title (usually labeled after the city where the room is located).

  • Once inside the room, you'll be able to see participants' avatars standing or sitting around the table where their names appear above their heads.

  • To talk privately within group chat windows, click on the avatar's name below the username at the top left corner of the chat window (not visible by default).

Horizon Workrooms Features

Horizon features a number of features that make it easier for remote teams to collaborate. These include:

  • Video conferencing: Horizon can be used as an additional screen in your workroom, or you can create an entirely separate meeting space to connect with other teams. You'll also be able to use the video conferencing software built into Horizon (Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts) if they're better suited to your needs.

  • Whiteboards: With the whiteboard feature, you can draw on top of real-time images from any device connected through Horizon's virtual meeting rooms—and modify them at will by simply using your pen tool!

  • Documents: Sometimes, you need to share more than just a whiteboard. Horizon has a built-in document feature that allows you to upload documents from your computer and share them with other people in the meeting room. You can also use this feature to create new documents on the fly, saving them directly into Horizon's cloud storage so that they'll be available for future meetings.

  • Audio: The audio feature allows you to talk with other people in the meeting room, just like a normal phone call. However, unlike a phone call, Horizon uses high-quality video technology so that everyone can see each other as they speak—and make sure that everyone's on the same page before moving forward. This feature is available whether or not you're using one of Horizon's virtual meeting rooms.


Whereas most other VR meeting spaces are designed for one-on-one conversations, Horizon Workrooms is designed for collaboration. It's the perfect way to collaborate with teammates and even customers anywhere in the world without having to leave your chair!

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