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Grab Your Free Tickets to the Blaze Virtual Summit!

You might have attended summits in the past that left you feeling like you just wasted your time - you know, the type that's so bland that you could barely keep yourself awake through the event duration and end up with no substantial valuable lessons to go home with. We understand that frustration, sis! And that's why we have put together this FREE one-of-a-kind summit just for you!

If you have been struggling with things like:

  • Wanting to reclaim more time to do the things you love, but not sure where it will come from

  • Finding clients and business partners that you're truly aligned with

  • Establishing generational wealth that can change the narrative for your family

  • Defining your own decolonized style of leadership

  • Producing results for your clients that stand out from the crowd

  • Scaling once things start going well

Then this summit is where you need to be!

You'd get to listen to 26 amazing hand-picked speakers who have a heart for serving + edifying Black women in protected spaces. They will touch on everything from learning the power of consent to healing your inner child.

There will also be opportunities to network with experts you've been dying to meet as well as other event attendees through our speed networking lounge + interactive exhibits.

And of course, we will be turning up and backing it up for the year '99-2000 with our female DJs in the house! It promises to be so much fun!

Here's the line up for tomorrow

We'd really love to see you there, sis! Grab your free ticket now and join us :)


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