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Easy-To-Use Tech For Your New Video Podcast

If you've been dreaming about starting your own video podcast, this is your sign that now is the time! We're sharing some of the best easy-to-use tools to get you started.

Podcast Recording

  • really elevates the quality of your podcast episode recordings without any complexity! A few of the things we love are:

    1. The way that user studios come with preset media sounds - such as laughter, cheering, and drum rolls! The platform even allows you to add your own media sounds - which can be really handy if you want to load a signature show intro.

    2. The fact that audio recordings are recorded separately for each speaker so that there isn't any volume variation that typically occurs on platforms like Zoom when more than one speaker is laughing or speaking at the same time cheer one another on.

    3. Videos tracks are recorded separately as well, allowing users to get really creative with the ways in which they display final products for video podcasts.

Check out the clip from Free Black Girls (the BLAZE Founder's podcast) for an example of the quality that provides.

Podcast Camera

  • Logitech C920 HD Webcam provides beautiful quality and is extremely simple to use! Simply plug the USB cord into your computer - and you'll all set to be captured flawlessly. A few of our favorite features are:

    1. The camera's automatic light correction, which creates a crisp focus with beautiful resolution

    2. The built-in studio microphone, which can pick up sound from up to 3 feet away (1 full meter)

    3. The ability for users to easily pop the camera on top of any device and pack it for on-the-go travel.

Podcast Mic

  • Tonor USB Microphone is an affordable, plug-and-play mic that takes no time at all to set up. A few things we love are:

    • The affordable price of this microphone against the strong consumer reviews, compared to other brands that cost you a bit more for a similar quality output

    • The aesthetic of the equipment is modern. This is a mic that you won't mind showing off in your video podcast episodes.

    • The shock mount that is included removes the need for you to purchase additional mic padding that softens pesky "t" and "s" sounds.

Podcast Lighting

  • Neewer Ring Light is perfect for balancing the right touch of brightness, whether you to record day or night. A few things that we love about ring lights are:

    1. The ability to dim lighting and change the tone of the color, so that there is a beautiful balance in the captured content.

    2. Added holder support for cell phones allow you to leverage the lighting for video capture even outside of recording podcast episodes

    3. An added holder adapter to allow for mounting DSLR camera for the top quality capture - again, tech that serves multiple purposes well into the future.

USB Hub for Multiple Plug-Ins

  • Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 hub allows you to connect several of your podcast tools, even if you have one single USB port on your laptop! Perfect for the podcast host who is using a mic, camera, and USB-powered light.

Stop dreaming and start manifesting! You've got this.

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