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5 Benefits of Interactive Webinars

So you’ve got an idea for a webinar. It’s a great opportunity to connect with your audience, share valuable insights, and build trust. But how do you make this webinar exciting? How do you give people an experience that shows them that they matter? And how do you make sure your audience leaves feeling like they not only learned something new but also made something of their own? Hosting an interactive webinar is your best bet!

Interactive webinars have become a growing trend in the world of online marketing. With their invigorating nature, they help increase engagement and participation from audience members. In this blog post, we highlight some of the top benefits you can expect from them and tools you can use to create your very own interactive webinar.

Benefits of Interactive Webinars

Interactive webinars give attendees a sense of ownership

The fact that participants can be involved in the webinar and ask questions gives them the feeling of being a part of something. This is important because it makes them feel like they have contributed to the success of your message. By allowing members of your audience to participate, you can create an environment where they feel valued and appreciated.

Interactive webinars provide increased engagement

One of the biggest benefits of interactive webinars is that they increase engagement. Unlike passive webinars, interactive webinars allow you to have one on one interactions with your event attendees. You can see their faces, hear their voice and see what they’re doing on the screen. This makes it easier for you to focus on what they are saying instead of being distracted by the mechanics of running a webinar (e.g., loading slides).

Interactive webinars are more memorable than passive ones

A study found that a brain retention rate is higher for interactive webinars than for passive ones. The more your audience can interact with your online presentation, the better they will retain what is presented. With an interactive webinar, if they have questions or need clarification on something, they can easily speak up and fellow attendees are also motivated to participate as well. By being able to ask questions and participate in discussions, they're more likely to remember the information you are trying to pass!

Interactive webinars help you build trust

People will trust you more when they see that you're willing to invest time into training them and sharing information with them in an interactive manner, which will lead to a better relationship with your brand or company. You can also build trust by providing helpful tips, resources or even just an interesting perspective on a topic that they may not have considered before all while being there live in front of them!

Interactive webinars can help to increase your brand’s reputation

Interactive webinars can help to increase your brand’s reputation. People like to feel like they are part of something, and interactive webinars help them feel that way. Interactivity makes people feel like they are part of a community, a movement and even a brand!

Platforms to Help You Create An Interactive Webinar


Live casting, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting are some of the cool features that WebinarJam offers users. The platform makes collaboration and communication easier with built-in live chat and the option to invite up to 6 co-presenters to broadcast in high definition. They also offer an attendee spotlight feature that allows you to invite webinar attendees to participate in your presentation.

You can learn more about WebinarJam and even test it out with the 14-day free trial they offer by clicking the button below.


EverWebinar is a sister product to WebinarJam and offers users features to build their brand identity and advertise future webinars by creating and publishing bespoke landing pages with logos, photos, colors, videos, and more using editable templates.

You can use EverWebinar to conduct polls and surveys to engage with your audience and assess their knowledge. It provides a wide range of capabilities, including high-definition streaming, recurring sessions, data input, split testing, on-demand webinars, video replay, and more. It also has an integrated chat feature that enables users to hold live conversations and raise audience engagement in real time.

Want to try out EverWebinar? Take advantage of their 14-day free trial today and create a webinar your audience will appreciate and value for a long time!


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