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Women of Ambition: The stories of CaTyra, Patrice and Garrina

The stories of CaTyra, Patrice and Garrina are so down-to-earth and beautiful. Each one has unique lessons that we can learn as Black women entrepreneurs looking to build legacies for generations to come.

We hope you enjoy reading!

CaTyra Polland, CEO/Founder at Love for Words | Rochester, New York

When did you realize that you wanted to follow the path of entrepreneurship, CaTyra?

CaTyra: After I earned my master's degree. I wanted creativity and financial freedom.

Patrice Ross, CEO and Owner at Moon Tide Wellness Studio | Brunswick, Georgia

Patrice, how about you?

Patrice: It happened for me in Junior High. I used to create "Spirit" earrings using strips from old school printer paper. My teacher encouraged me to turn my creativity into a small business.

Garrina Ross, Founder & Founder at RemixedbyG | Westland, Michigan

When did it happen for you, Garrina?

Garrina: I’ve known forever that I should have been an entrepreneur, but not having the support or resources I needed to start kept that desire as nothing but a dream for quite some time.

There can be a diversity of motivations behind wanting to become an entrepreneur and the responses from all three ladies are a testament to this. For some, it's to earn more and live comfortably, for others it's to solve a problem they identified within their community - whatever the case is, know that your reason for choosing the path of entrepreneurship is valid!

Diving deeper into their stories.

Love for Words - transforming the manuscripts of Black authors into ready-to-publish books

"As a Black author, I recognize finding a Black editor can be challenging. I want to fill the gap between Black authors and editors. Authors must work with editors who understand and appreciate their manuscripts. I love connecting with other Black entrepreneurs on the path to becoming published authors. Black authors tend to be overlooked and unappreciated. I work to change the narrative. I celebrate, encourage, and empower my clients," said CaTyra Polland

Love for Words is a Minority and Business Owned Enterprise (MWBE) certified non-fiction book editing and copywriting boutique. They understand how important it is for authors to collaborate with an editor and copywriter who understands, appreciates, and values their perspective, story, and wisdom.

Love for Words provides authentic and customized feedback to enhance an author's copy. They offer encouragement and support with a dose of tough love.

CaTyra says about the brand: "I have a duty to help Black authors navigate the self-publishing world and produce high-quality, impactful publications. I often encounter Black authors who were scarred by working with a White editor who did not appreciate, understand, respect, or value their manuscripts. So often, White editors critique Black authors instead of critiquing the manuscript. My clients are relieved to receive editing from a Black woman who loves our culture."

A round-up of the services they provide includes: Copywriting, Professional Bios Resumes, Editing (books) and Award Nomination Applications and material.

What does a typical look like for you as an entrepreneur?

CaTyra: My typical lineup of activities for my work day includes:

  • Responding to potential client inquiries

  • Scheduling consultation calls

  • Reviewing consultation forms

  • Conducting consultation calls to gage interest and compatibility

  • Submitting sample edit

  • Following up with potential clients

  • Sending invoices and contracts

  • Editing manuscripts the rest of the day

  • Sending follow-up emails after service to gather testimonials

What were your greatest fears stepping into entrepreneurship?

CaTyra: Promoting my business was definitely my biggest fear. To overcome it, I started to do interviews on podcasts, attend conferences, mentor other editors and joined the Professional Editors Network.

What does your support system look like today?

CaTyra: My support system includes the Professional Editors Network, Facebook groups, local entrepreneurs.

Visit Love for Words' website

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We absolutely love the approach CaTyra took in going outside of her comfort zone to overcome her biggest fear! Entrepreneurship often puts us in spaces where we have to do things we don't necessarily feel comfortable doing. But right there is where our growth and ultimate success lies!


Moon Tide Wellness Studio - creating a space where individuals can come to heal

"It is my mission to create a space where individuals come to heal. My intent is to offer the space mostly to men and of them enter upon a healing journey. I feel if our men begin to heal our culture will as well," said Patrice Ross

Moon Tide Wellness Studio is a sanctuary of peace where Patrice currently offers meditation, yoga, and coaching that is trauma conscious. She also offers nutritional & intimacy coaching.

She also collaborates with other Holistic Wellness providers to target the whole person.

Can you walk us through a typical day in your life?

Patrice: Truthfully, I've been called to a small rural town to create this offering and how I plan my days are not how they often go. I come in each day to meditate and bless the space. While I anxiously wait for the doorknob to turn and welcome clients, I create new programs, write proposals and find ways to better market.

I had no desire to live in this small town though. It was all spirit led and I'm patiently awaiting the fruition. It's coming.

I'm a recent recipient of the Comcast Rise Technology Grant and I secured my first contract with a local teen residence agency. My typical days will soon look much different and be filled with clients and healing!

What does your support system look like?

Patrice: Honestly, at the moment, me. However, I'm currently in Milestone Circle by Nasdaq and I'm hoping to do better at nurturing networking opportunities.

What was your greatest fear before stepping into entrepreneurship?

Patrice: FEAR itself. I believe sometimes I am fearful of success because I will fall back to help others shine. In 2023, I woke differently. I determined in my spirit when I celebrated my Grand Re-Opening in September of 2022 that I would do more client work than social media marketing. I promised myself I would submit a contract proposal. I'm ready for success. I am good at what I do. There is a remnant of individuals that deserve my skills for holistic healing

Visit the Moon Tide Wellness Studio website

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Thank you for your candor, Patrice! The truth is that many times as entrepreneurs, we may find that our days don't go as planned and our to-do lists don't always get completely checked off each day - and that's OK! We should learn to give ourselves grace on days when things just don't go as planned. Progress over perfection, always.


RemixedbyG - providing quality, low-cost, and luxury products and repair services to low to moderate-income families

"I created RemixedbyG because I didn’t see a lot of people in my community doing anything that I do. I am a young Black, two year cancer survivor woman who repairs and builds furniture and upholstery," said Garrina Ross.

RemixedbyG provides furniture repair services, upholstery, custom benches, dog beds, bread boxes, etc.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Garrina: My typical day starts with checking my emails, marketing my business, working on new ideas and designs for my business, and researching resources to help support and grow my business.

Did you have any fears about venturing into entrepreneurship?

Garrina: My greatest fear was the fear of failure or not getting any customers. But I kept my faith and pushed forward!

What does your support system look like as an entrepreneur?

Garrina: I can say that I have a pretty good community of supporters from my family and friends as well as my local community.

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Garrina, you're so dope! Thank you for reminding us that as women, we can in fact dominate and succeed at jobs that are typically male-dominated. Keep being an inspiration.

We appreciate CaTyra, Patrice and Garrina for taking the time to share their experiences running their businesses! We continue to be inspired each week by the amazing work that Black women across the States are doing in addressing various community issues. We honor each and every one of you and have immense respect for the grit you show in continuing to push forward despite all odds!

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