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The Webby Award honored Blaze Virtual Summit is Here Again!

We are excited to be wrapping up the year with yet another 5-day virtual summit just for Black female entrepreneurs around the globe!

The theme for this winter's summit happening from December 5th to December 9th is No Longer My Burden and the goal is to help you decompress after a long year of striving!

The event is FREE to attend and features 26 amazing speakers including activists, doulas, poets, authors, coaches, and experts who will teach you how to take what you’re already doing in your Black woman-owned business and operate with a greater sense of freedom, flexibility + fulfillment.

Some features of the Summit include:

  • BLAZE Talks where you will be inspired by industry experts from around the globe who understand where you are and know exactly where you're going.

  • Workshops where coaches will teach you how to work smarter so that you're not starting another year burnt out. You deserve freedom - in every sense.

  • Meditation & Poetry by women who will lead you through live virtual exercises to help you avoid putting off restoration + introspection by leaning into the support offered.

  • Journal Wind Downs to unpack your personal experiences, and clinical professionals who will guide you in ways that are safe + well-paced.

  • Female DJs so you can let your hair down and twerk whatcha mama gave ya! We'll dance like no one is watching!

  • Honest Conversations about the most pressing topics of today. As we lift our voices, we make space in the world for one another to be seen.

We are so excited about the impact this summit will have on the lives of Black women across the world. Come and wind down for the year with us, sis!

Grab your free ticket to the event today before registration closes.


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