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State of Black Women-Owned Businesses: Business Models

Black female entrepreneurs are taking the entrepreneurial world by storm. From small businesses to large corporations, black women are creating jobs and opportunities for others.

In our recently published report titled "State of Black-Women Owned Businesses in 2022" we surveyed Black women entrepreneurs across the United States to understand the kind of business model they operate going by their reach, target audience, industry, location, company size as well as monthly contractor hire. These were the insights we gathered:

  • 50% of Black women-owned businesses reported having businesses that have nation-wide reach

  • 63% - the percentage of Black women-owned businesses that are business-to consumer

  • 75% run e-commerce or online only businesses

  • 50% have only one employee

  • 31.3% hire at least one contractor per month

To get more detailed insights about the state of Business Models of Black women-owned businesses across the United States plus other key topics we cover in the report, you can download the full report for free today!

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Yvonne Tate
Nov 30, 2022


This data speaks to me because it's closer to home, and has given me insights into SEVERAL gaps that I can fill. #HighlyRecommendedReading

If you were a part of this study, I would LOVE the opportunity to speak with you!

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