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Nicole, Kay & Nakia Share their Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories

In this Founder stories blog, we talk with Nicole, Kay & Nakia who share all about their journeys in entrepreneurship and how they are overcoming some of their fears to attain success!

Nicole Crawley, Founder at The Social Charlotte | Charlotte, North Carolina

Nicole, when did you realize that you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

Nicole: Growing up with unfettered freedom only strengthened my already-courageous spirit. I embraced risk, not knowing exactly what the future held but sure that hard work would pay off in time. My passion for people and understanding their motivations led me to a marketing career which served as both a creative outlet and an opportunity to be completely independent. Nowadays, I'm positively obsessed with helping others solve problems; entrepreneurship has given me endless possibilities to do just that while claiming ownership and freedom along the way!

Kay Clinton, CEO, Full Spectrum Doula & Wellness Coach at Spiritual Garden Healing | Phoenix, Arizona

How about you, Kay?

Kay: In some way, I have always been an entrepreneur. I have kept a side hustle for as long as I can remember. Starting from selling snacks and candy in Elementary school, to popping the trunk in college so the girls can shop my boutique items, and a few more businesses in between that have brought me to this one - my Wellness business.

Nakia Whittaker-Woody, Virtual CEO at KISS Virtual Services | Richmond, Virginia

And you, Nakia?

Nakia: For me, it happened in 1998 when my daughter was graduating high school and I was looking for a way to use my passion and free time.

Passion discovery in the world of entrepreneurship is quite essential. While it is possible to start a business without much passion for it, it's difficult to keep going when there is no passion alignment. If you are currently considering becoming an entrepreneur, think first about the things you are passionate about and try to see how you can solve problems or add value in that area.

Diving deeper into their stories.

The Social Charlotte - helping founders navigate the marketing world

"We focus on working with women-owned businesses and start-ups, as we believe that female entrepreneurs are the backbone of our business economy. Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools and community support they need to make their dreams a reality," said Nicole Crawley

The Social Charlotte is a social media marketing agency that is dedicated to helping founders navigate the marketing world. They understand the unique challenges of running a business and work hard to ensure their clients are well-equipped to succeed on social media.

Their team of experienced freelancers and strategists are passionate about helping founders make their mark in the world by using their voices and unique experiences to show up. By leveraging their expertise in social media marketing and digital storytelling, they empower clients to take control of their digital presence and create a powerful message.

Their team strives to provide clients with the latest strategies and tips rooted in community-centric strategies. Together, they are creating a space to celebrate the success of women entrepreneurs and create new opportunities. The Social Charlotte believes in collaboration over competition, which is why its team works closely with their clientele to ensure each project reflects its unique story and brand.

What does a typical day look like for you as an entrepreneur?

Nicole: My day usually starts with a morning check-in on client projects. I review the progress of any active campaigns and discuss what needs to be done for the rest of the day. Then, I'll spend some time brainstorming ideas for new campaigns that could move the needle for my own or my client's goals. After that, I'll dive into the data and use it to evaluate our strategies. Depending on what needs to be done, I might also spend some time writing copy or editing visuals for campaigns. Once the afternoon rolls around, I'll check in with my clients again to ensure projects are on track. I'll also spend time reviewing trends in our industry and keeping an eye out for new opportunities.

What were your greatest fears stepping into entrepreneurship?

Nicole: My biggest fears in entrepreneurship can be summarized in three simple words: failure, uncertainty, and isolation. As an entrepreneur, I'm constantly taking risks and making decisions without the comfort of a safety net. I have to be confident in my ability and belief that I'll succeed no matter how much doubt is clouding my mind. And while I'm sure this fear will never honestly go away, I manage it with constant prayer, courage, and perseverance.

What does your support system look like today?

Nicole: As an entrepreneur, I'm thankful to have a strong support system with me throughout my journey. My family and closest friends have been there for me every step of the way, providing emotional and practical support when it was most needed. My Dad is also an entrepreneur, so his experience and advice have been invaluable. He taught me the importance of hard work, discipline, and staying true to my values. I also have created a virtual mastermind of creative entrepreneurs who provide valuable feedback and support. It's been a blessing to have such a broad network of women I can trust who understand the unique challenges of running a business. They've helped me stay focused and motivated on my goals, keep pushing forward even when times get tough, and celebrate successes.

Visit The Social Charlotte's website

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We're absolutely in awe of the beautiful support system you have built for yourself, Nicole! Having solid people around you who help you stay grounded on your journey is so key. It can make all the difference, especially when things get difficult and you are tempted to give it all up!


Spiritual Garden Healing - providing holistic healing designed to nourish your Mind, Body, and Soul

"Our products are all natural, and toxic free, promoting self-love, alternative health, and Spiritual Growth. Designed for men and women to have natural options that align with their growth," said Kay Clinton

Spiritual Garden Healing is an Online Wellness shop and lifestyle brand, providing holistic healing designed to nourish your Mind, Body, and Soul.

They target a wide variety of individuals whose goal is to focus on Self-Love, Self-Care, and Self-Development. They are able to do that by bringing awareness to three things: Energy Healing, Ancestral Birth practices, and Food Sovereignty.

Energy Healing: Educate the community on holistic healing practices and alternate health to Nourish the MIND.BODY.SOUL.

Ancestral BirthWorker: They are advocates of indigenous birth practices. Educating families and supporting Birthing parents with natural ancestral ways of birth and healing. No matter the birth setting, they provide BIPOC families with support to have happy, healthy, safe sacred births.

Food Sovereignty: They are fighting for food Sovereignty by providing diversity to agriculture, providing education to the community, and growing nourishing foods for their family and other families in their community. They are skilled in the soil but constantly growing and elevating daily, as they are learning about native plants, foraging, and preserving. Plant medicine and farming the land are in their lineage and they pay respect to the mother, the land. They also help others build their garden, homestead, farm, and/or Food forest. No matter if you want to build a garden or have a developed garden, they are here to help. Hands-on help and guidance, from their skilled team.

They provide Herbal tea blends, Wellness Coaching, and metaphysical items. Each service or product offered is in alignment with the Mind, Body, and Soul all while promoting Self-Love, Self-Care, and Self-Development.

Can you walk us through a typical day in your life?

Kay: Each day is different but always productive even on down times. I usually start my day with a herbal tea blend to get myself up and ready for the day. I love to start my day with a positive affirmation to keep me positive and mindful. Then I pull out my business planner and see what is planned for the day. My schedule is filled with many tasks but on the days I don’t have much to do, I use that downtime to schedule posts, get ahead in writing blog posts, and get information out to my mailing list. As a business owner, I am always looking for ways to network and meet others in my community, so if there are networking events and engagements, I love to show my support.

What does your support system look like?

Kay: I have created a beautiful partnership and alliance with other growing businesses and non-profits. I am lucky to have a group of successful mentors to learn from.

What was your greatest fear before stepping into entrepreneurship?

Kay: My biggest fear was failure. Like many, I just didn’t want my business to fail. I have had many businesses up to this point and I'm blessed to have the experience and knowledge to understand what’s meant to be will be and what’s not will not. I put my best foot forward in all that I do and I know I will gain abundance from what I have put in.

Visit Spiritual Garden Healing's website

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Kay, we love that you prioritize starting your day off with self-care & positive affirmations as these are so IMPORTANT! As entrepreneurs, we need to make every effort to ensure that we do not neglect self-care. You can only show up as your best self at your business if you are in great shape both mentally and physically.


KISS Virtual Services - helping business owners Keep It Super Simple in their businesses

"I have been an administrative professional for 27 years and love it, so it was a no brainer to translate into my next chapter. I have learned so much that I now mentor others who wish to start in the Industry," said Nakia Whittaker-Woody.

KISS Virtual Services serves female minority-owned small businesses, social entrepreneurs, and coaches. Their mission is to help business owners Keep It Super Simple in their businesses. They sell administrative services and support with general office tasks.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Nakia: A typical day starts at 5 am because I still work full time. I'd start by checking emails (personal, business, and clients) and then off to work from 6am-3pm. Then that's usually followed by some meetings, client work, and continued education or outreach.

Did you have any fears about venturing into entrepreneurship?

Nakia: My greatest fear was not having any formal business education.

What does your support system look like as an entrepreneur?

Nakia: My daughter, mom and friends have been awesome in keeping me lifted up and inspired.

Visit KISS Virtual Services' website

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Working a full-time job and running a business is not for the faint-hearted! We applaud you for doing this gracefully, Nakia. Keep pushing until you can get to a point where the job will no longer be a necessity!

The fear of failure and not having a formal business education are very real anxieties that a lot of Black women face when venturing into entrepreneurship. But they can be countered by joining support groups and communities + taking advantage of online business education resources that have been created for Black women. Our app, TablexTribe app, and online academy, Blaze Knowledge Academy, have both been created to address these kinds of fears. You should check them out today if you struggle with similar worries.

Thank you so much Nicole, Kay & Nakia for sharing your inspiring stories with us!

Learn how to grow from an entrepreneur to CEO with Blaze Group. Access community messaging, virtual co-working sessions, customizable business templates, business courses, and more — all from a single source. Try it free today.


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