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Friday Coffee Q+A | Episode 13 w/ Guest Host : Nefretiri!

Today, we answer the following questions from Black female founders:

What inspired you to start your business?
Is it best to go back into the 9-5 space to make extra income for my business?
What are some ways that I can find balance when I'm responsible for every single thing in my business?
I want to have close relationships with other Black women business owners, but I fall off with keeping in touch. What would you recommend to make AND KEEP relationships?

About our Guest Host: A trauma hawk in human form, that's Nefretiri. As a therapist, Certified Trauma Professional, and Certified Life Coach, she supports women who are in dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships. Additionally, Nefretiri draws on her experience and expertise in other areas of trauma, more specifically in Domestic Violence, and brings awareness of how trauma affects survivors of violence as a published author in the anthology, Sister 2 Sister and as a guest appearing on TV One's Fatal Attraction series. As the owner of Transcendent Living, she is dedicated to providing a space for personal growth with a holistic approach because everyone deserves to live their life unapologetically.

To submit questions of your own, follow us on Instagram @blazegroupllc and head to our IG Stories to find the question box Monday - Wednesday.

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