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Girls in Black

Blaze Group

available on iOS and Android

The socio-business app for Black women entrepreneurs.


Connect with like-minded peers, access business templates, take courses, track your goals with ease, and more! Download Blaze Group today! ​

App Store Logos.png
App Store Logos.png

App Features

Network. Collaborate. Grow.

Join the Tribe Today!

Progress Tracking

Set your goals and graphically track your progress in 1-tap.

Virtual Co-Working

Work virtually with other Black women entrepreneurs across the world.

Community Chats

Connect with our tribe of women entrepreneurs from all over the world.

High-Quality Content

Mix up monotony switching bewteen audio meditations, courses, blogs, and more!

Ultimate Convenience

Access all content & meetings on the go from any device.

Unlock Content

The longer you're part of the community, the more access to perks you receive.

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