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Friday Coffee Q+A | Episode 12 w/ Guest Host : Jasmine!

Today, we answer the following questions from Black female founders:

How long did it take you to find your rhythm in business?
Which email marketing software should I use?
What are creative ways to find help on a budget?
I feel nervous promoting my business because I work a 9-5. Should I be discreet or just go all in?

A message from our Guest Host: I would be nothing without Black women. The ones who have come before me, the ones who stand beside me, and the ones who will chart their own paths after me. M&P is an ode to the legacy of Black women. It is named after my great grandmother Stadie Magnolia Wright and my granny Joanna Penn-women whose shoulders I am proud to stand on. Our mission is simple: empowering Black women entrepreneurs to level up their brand with confidence, clarity, and community.

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To submit questions of your own, follow us on Instagram @blazegroupllc and head to our IG Stories to find the question box Monday - Wednesday.

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