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Friday Coffee Q+A | Episode 11 w/ Guest Host : Nina!

Today, we answer the following questions from Black female founders:

How do you get over the fear of speaking on social media?
How do I narrow down my target audience?
What has been your greatest joy in entrepreneurship?

About our Guest Host: Nina is the Corner Coach you didn't know you needed. She is a Certified Life Coach on a mission to help black mamas put themselves first. By prioritizing self-care and community, Nina motivates her clients to overcome the pressures of perfectionism. Nina is a speaker, provides individual coaching, curates self-care experiences and host a community of mamas on a mission to live beyond what they can do for others and thrive in joyfully serving themselves first.

To submit questions of your own, follow us on Instagram @blazegroupllc and head to our IG Stories to find the question box Monday - Wednesday.

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