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Three Black Women Entrepreneurs Overcoming Fears and Thriving

The remarkable women we feature in this week's Entrepreneur Story series serve as beacons of inspiration and empowerment, proving that with determination, resilience, and a strong support network, one can overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable success. Join us as we explore the dynamic lives of these black women entrepreneurs and gain invaluable wisdom from their experiences!

Terri Hope, CEO at Passport Beauty Eyelashes | Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Terri, when did you realize that you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

Terri: I've always known since childhood.

Raivenn Lee, Owner at RL7 Trucking & Dispatch | Chicago, Illinois

How about you, Raivenn?

Raivenn: Many years ago!

LaTanya Orr, Founder/CEO at Selah Branding and Design | Chicago, Illinois

And you, LaTanya?

LaTanya: It happened for me in high school.

Straight-shooters! All three ladies had a deep understanding of their entrepreneurial aspirations from a young age. Self-discovery and tapping into one's passions at an early stage can be quite valuable in fueling the drive, determination, and resilience necessary to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. We hope this serves as a gentle reminder to all aspiring entrepreneurs. Reflect on your own passions and potential entrepreneurial paths, sis!

Diving deeper into their stories.

Passport Beauty Eyelashes - providing women with affordable high quality lashes

"I am a beauty enthusiast heavily influenced by my mother and grandmothers. So in my quest to find strip eyelashes to enhance my overall makeup looks, I realized the ones that I loved were at a high price point. And so I set out to create a brand that gives high quality impact for your eyes without the impact to your wallet," said Terri Hope.

Passport Beauty Eyelashes sells Strip Eyelashes as well as Eyelash accessories and tools. We also sell Makeup Brush sets and will be launching lip liners and lip glosses this year.

What does a typical day look like for you as an entrepreneur?

Terri: A typical morning for me is I'm up by 7:30 am. I'd have a quick breakfast and then I'm off to the gym.

I return home afterward to browse through my emails and pack orders. Then I take a shower, change clothes, and go down to the post office to send out shipments.

I still work a 9 to 5 position in the airline industry so once all the above is sorted, its off to work I go for the afternoon.

Did you have any fears about venturing into entrepreneurship?

Terri: My biggest fear was that the beauty market is already oversaturated with product lines similiar to mine and that my business will be lost in the shuffle of others. I'm facing that fear by continuing to believe in my purpose and my products!

What does your support system look like today?

Terri: Thankfully, I have a supportive family and significant other to keep me centered.

Visit Passport Beauty Eyelashes website

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Terri, you are the exemplification of resilience and determination! Rather than letting fear hold you back, you choose to believe in your purpose and products and that's just so beautiful. This mindset shift is a powerful lesson for all aspiring entrepreneurs! Self-confidence and unwavering belief in one's offerings are important on the entrepreneurial journey. I mean, if you don't believe in you, why should anyone else?


RL7 Trucking & Dispatch - serving owner-operators in logistics

"My mission is to assist and continue to keep all my clients equipment moving so as to bring in as much revenue for them (and myself) as possible," said Raivenn Lee.

Raivenn's Story: Truthfully I started in the industry because of my late friend, who owned a trucking company. And when you are dating an entrepreneur you kind of become a part of their world whether you know it or not. From assisting with your input to them venting to you about the ins and out of business.

So one day, my partner told me he was going to sign me up with a young lady to teach me how to dispatch his equipment. I thought to myself like, "Now, why would I wanna do that?" But he went ahead and set me up on the training anyways and here I am now!

His reason at the time was for him to be able to cut the middleman out and keep the money in-house. However, that ultimately birthed an opportunity for me to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams and become the owner of my own company - Rl7 Trucking & Dispatch

RL7 Trucking & Dispatch sells its time and expertise to relieve the headache of worrying about where your next load will come from.

What does a typical day look like for you as an entrepreneur?

Raivenn: My typical day is I'm up by 3 or 4 am securing loads for my drivers for the week and making sure they're all in compliance with the state. My ultimate goal is to ensure that they are going to be moving and not sitting ideal.

What does your support system look like today?

Raivenn: My support system is as strong as it gets! But it's critical to remember that support from oneself is just as important and powerful. You have to be able to support yourself so that others don’t feel like they are supporting blind faith

What were your greatest fears stepping into entrepreneurship?

Raivenn: One of my greatest fears was being able to find honest and hard-working owners that would completely trust me with the day-to-day operations of their company.

Visit RL7 Trucking & Dispatch's website

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Preach, Raivenn!! Fostering self-belief and self-sufficiency outside of one's support system is of the essence! And we absolutely LOVE that you allowed yourself to venture into this new business world simply from the nudge your partner gave. Clearly, it's been in you all along, sis! We are proud of you and know it's only up from here!


Selah Branding and Design - strategically crafting brand concepts for leading industry experts and organizations throughout the U.S and abroad.

"My sought-after expertise in marketing communications and graphic design spans more than two decades. I have a heart to assist career women in self-discovery — wielding their power, purpose and peace regardless of circumstances. Using my book, Strike A Pose: 7 Red Carpet Strategies Every Entrepreneurial Woman Must Have to Position Her Brand with Style and on Purpose, I share winning approaches and practices that empower women to unveil and leverage their brand brilliance and step into their purposeful work so they may walk into their destiny with clarity, grace and maximum impact," said LaTanya Orr.

Selah Branding and Design offers Brand Strategy, Marketing, Communications and Creative services to industry experts and organizations throughout the U.S and abroad.

Can you walk us through a typical day in your life?

LaTanya: I have been a full-time entrepreneur / business owner for 20 years. The work is constant - if you don't work, you don't eat! I typically work in 3 to 4-hr blocks. Early mornings (between 5 am-8 am) are when I work best / have the most focus - it's quiet! I hold most meetings between 10 am-1 pm with my afternoons free. Depending on intensity / requirements, I may work a few hours after dinner.

What was your greatest fear before stepping into entrepreneurship?

LaTanya: MONEY! Consistent cashflow.

What does your support system look like?

LaTanya: My husband is my main support. He's my encourager - keeps me grounded. I also have some great "forever" clients - who are more than clients - they are also mentors who've encouraged and supported my business success. My church family has also been there as well.

Visit Selah Branding and Design's website

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LaTanya, your effective time management is top-tier!! You have identified the time that is most productive for you and capitalize on that to get the most work done - brilliant! And breaking your work time into blocks is a great strategy to avoid getting overwhelmed. Entrepreneurship goals all the way!

The journeys of these Black women entrepreneurs serve as a testament to the resilience, creativity, and determination that define entrepreneurship. Through their daily routines, they demonstrate the importance of discipline and productivity. Their fears remind us that entrepreneurship is not without challenges, but their ability to confront and overcome them inspires us to do the same. Lastly, their support systems emphasize the value of strong networks, both personal and professional, in providing the encouragement and guidance needed to succeed. These women are trailblazers and we celebrate them!

Thank you, Terri, Raivenn and LaTanya for sharing your amazing journeys with us!


If you are a Black woman entrepreneur looking for safe circles, accountability and business education? We'd like to invite you to download our app. It is the first socio-business app for Black women, created for us by us. We can't wait to see you inside! :)


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