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"The Woman King" - BLAZE WFA Immersion Week Students will be Watching the Film Premiere Live in SA

Photo: Sony Pictures

The trailer for "The Woman King" has recently been released and we are so thrilled about the representation that the movie provides not just for Black people in general, but Black women in particular!

Starring the impeccable Oscar-winning Viola Davis in a role we’ve never seen her play, the movie is based on the epic and true story of the Dahomey Amazons and their fight for survival. It was co-written by Prince-Bythewood & Dana Stevens and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood who also directed The Old Guard.

“I’ve never had a role like this before. It’s transformative. There’s always a vision you have for your career, but there are very few roles as an actress of color. Dark skin with a wide nose and big lips. I’m just going to continue to say it. Those stories are extraordinarily limited." says Viola to Vanity Fair Magazine. "I knew what it would mean to us as Black people. Something that has never been done before. And what it would mean for Black women sitting in that movie theatre. The responsibility is really high."

The movie is set to be released exclusively to theatres on September 16, 2022, and all BLAZE WFA Immersion Week Students will have the opportunity to watch the premiere in Cape Town, South Africa, on September 30th, 2022! It's also exciting to note that the movie was shot in South Africa making it an even more intriguing experience to watch it right there in the country where it was made.

Watch the trailer of the movie below

You can read more about it here

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