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Kyra Bolden is Appointed as Michigan's First Black Woman Supreme Court Justice

On Sunday, January 1, Kyra Bolden was sworn in as the first black female to serve on Michigan's Supreme Court. She succeeds Justice Bridget Mary Mary McCormack, who announced her retirement last year after holding the office since January 2019.

Bolden, 34, is one of the only seven female chief justices who have served Michigan. During the appointment ceremony, Michigan's governor, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, said:

"Bolden would bring a unique perspective to our high court as a Black woman — and as a new, working mom — that has too long been left out. She is committed to fighting for justice for generations and I know she will serve Michigan admirably, building a brighter future for her newborn daughter and all our kids."

In a statement, Bolden said:

"I will ensure equal access to justice, apply the law without fear or favor, and treat all who come before our state’s highest court with dignity and respect. I also know that this moment — becoming the first Black woman to serve on the Michigan Supreme Court — would not be possible without leaders like Judges Shelia Johnson, Debra Nance, Deborah Thomas, Cynthia Stephens and Denise Langford Morris. These are the Black women who blazed the path that I seek to follow. I hope that my voice on the court will inspire future generations to pursue their dreams. I am humbled by this honor, and I am ready to get to work on behalf of all Michiganders."

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