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De-Stress at the 5-Day Blaze Virtual Summit | Winter 2022!

Taking the path of entrepreneurship as a Black woman can sometimes feel like a lonely road. You'd find yourself swimming in a sea of business examples that you can't resonate with. You may become tempted to run your business as robotically as possible just to prove that you can compete with the likes of Silicon Valley unicorns. However, all this approach does is STRESS YOU OUT and leave you constantly feeling drained.

As Black women entrepreneurs, we need to believe in the power of whatever it is that we are offering the world and understand that it is different from anything else out there. We need to learn to embrace support, state our needs + limitations aloud, trim away at things that no longer served us and show up for OURSELVES... even when it is scary.

When we choose to show up in this way - to embrace community

support, put ourselves much higher on the priority list and release our

tight grips on the weight we don't need to be carrying... we thrive in


And this is exactly why we have put together the FREE 5-Day Blaze Virtual Summit happening between December 5th - December 9th. We want Black women around the world to come and decompress and be poured into, with no expectation of pouring out!

Some of the presentation topics you can look forward to amongst many others include:

  • Decolonize Your Womb with Tiffany Townsend

  • From Pain to Purpose with Dr. Tanisha King

  • Let’s Go Back and Get It with Rikketta Franklin

This summit promises to be a celebration of Black women entrepreneurs and all the hard work we have put in this year! You'd also get the chance to network and connect with other female entrepreneurs in the diaspora.

We invite you to sign up for free today before registration closes! Feel free to share with your network of female friends who could also benefit from attending the summit.


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